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Avoid Eye Damage from the 2017 Solar Eclipse

When the solar eclipse occurs on August 21, 2017, how can you protect your eyes from eye damage, including corneal burns and future eye disease such as Macular Degeneration? Whether your geographical location will have a partial or total solar eclipse, you need to protect yourself from eye damage. Find out why, and which solar Continue reading Avoid Eye Damage from the 2017 Solar Eclipse [Read More ]

The Test Every Kid Should Take Before Heading Back to School

By Dr. Mary Anne Murphy, OD, owner and practitioner of Front Range Eye Associates in Denver, Colorado and board member at VSP Global / Kim Bjorklund, third grade teacher at Mary Tsukamoto Elementary in Elk Grove, California Vision problems can make life harder for people at any age, but they can be especially damaging for Read More

Gear Up for Outdoor Adventures with Columbia Eyewear

Made for those with a sense of adventure and love for the outdoors, Columbia Eyewear stays true to its Portland roots tested tough in the Pacific Northwest. As a leader in the outdoor gear industry, Columbia eyewear upholds the level of quality outdoor enthusiasts have come to expect. Columbia s optical line also comes in extended Read More

Get $35 Back on Your Next Pair of Progressive Lenses

For some, hearing from your eye doctor that it s time to switch over to progressive lenses can be less-than exciting news. Progressive lenses are notorious for being difficult to adjust to and uncomfortable, but thanks to Unity Progressive Lenses, you ll get the best vision experience possible and have one less thing to worry about. Unity Read More

Ask An Eye Doc: How to Safely View an Eclipse

Anticipated to be the most viewed solar eclipse to date, a total solar eclipse will sweep its way across the U.S. on August 21st. The path of totality, areas that will experience a total eclipse where the moon completely covers the sun, will span across regions in 12 states. In those areas people will experience Read More