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Significant anisometropia common after unilateral IOL implantation during infancy

Using data from the Infant Aphakia Treatment Study (IATS), investigators assessed the prevalence of anisometropia among children who were randomized to IOL implantation as infants.[Read More ] Source: Daily Dose of Eye Care


Most Common Kids’ Eye Problems Parents Should Know

When it comes to a child s eyesight, parents play an important role. But it s not always easy to spot if something is wrong. Below are some of the most common kids eye problems as well as their associated symptoms. If your child is experiencing any of these symptoms, it may indicate that a trip to Read More

LASIK Surgery – A Closer Look

LASIK surgery has become common enough that most people have not only heard of it; most people know someone who has had a LASIK surgery procedure performed. But, in spite of its growing accpetance, there are not a lot of people outside the medical profession who understand what LASIK surgery is LASIK surgery has often been promoted as an instant fix for refractive error (poor vision correctable with glasses, contacts or refractive surgery).