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Ask An Eye Doc: Why does liquid squirt out of my eyes?!

Sometimes when I blow my nose, liquid squirts out of the inner corner of my eye. Is that normal? Why does it do that? Ericka Background We get a lot of interesting questions from VSP members, and we re working with doctors to answer them for you. In this edition, Ericka seems to have the Read More

Meet the Natural Eye Care Advisory Board

The NaturalEyeCare Advisory Board provides expert advice to the owner-operators, Optometrist/Acupuncturist Marc Grossman, and Acupuncturist Michael Edson. Founded in 1999, Natural Eye Care educates health care professionals and the public on the role of complementary care in the treatment of eye disease. The NaturalEyeCare.com website has maintains and updated the latest in peer review research Continue reading “Meet the Natural Eye Care Advisory Board” [Read More …]

Most Common Kids’ Eye Problems Parents Should Know

When it comes to a child s eyesight, parents play an important role. But it s not always easy to spot if something is wrong. Below are some of the most common kids eye problems as well as their associated symptoms. If your child is experiencing any of these symptoms, it may indicate that a trip to Read More