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Are Halloween Contact Lenses a Danger to My Eyes?

Halloween contact lenses can be scary for your eye health! Decorative contact lenses look cool, but can have serious eye risks if you re not careful. Dr. Nichole Moos talks about the terrifying consequences of not buying from a reputable source and what you should pay attention to when purchasing decorative contact lenses in the latest Ask An Eye Doc video below. Why do we need a prescription from our eye doctor? Aren t all contact lenses the same?


Four Ways You Can Take Care of Your Aging Eyes

Your vision is one of the first senses you may notice changing as you get older, but there are a few things you can do to keep your aging eyes in tip-top shape. Keep up a Good Diet According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, diets that include kale, salmon, oranges, and black-eyed peas will benefit both the heart and eyes. Plus, foods that include the nutrient beta-carotene can help your night vision.

Two Eye Washes for Irritated Eyes

Eye washes provide natural relief for irritated, inflamed eyes. Natural Eye Care recommends eye washes for a wide variety of eye conditions. Good lid hygiene can both soothe and prevent eye irritation. Eye irritation can be caused by conjunctivitis, bacterial or viral infections, dry eyes, hormonal changes, allergies, drug side-effects, dehydration, excessive screen time, windy Continue reading Two Eye Washes for Irritated Eyes [Read More ] Source: Daily Dose of Eye Care

Why We Get Red, Irritated Eyes

Almost all of us have had red irritated eyes at some time. They can strike at almost any time and can be due to a wide number of causes. Some eye conditions can cause red eye Conjunctivitis is the most common cause when the whites of your eyes are pink or red. Have you been Continue reading Why We Get Red, Irritated Eyes [Read More ] Source: Daily Dose of Eye Care

Ask An Eye Doc: Why does liquid squirt out of my eyes?!

Sometimes when I blow my nose, liquid squirts out of the inner corner of my eye. Is that normal? Why does it do that? Ericka Background We get a lot of interesting questions from VSP members, and we re working with doctors to answer them for you. In this edition, Ericka seems to have the Read More

How to Protect Your Eyes During Allergy Season

It seems like every season is allergy season. In the spring, it s the tree and flower pollen. Summer adds grass pollen. In the fall, it s weed pollen. People who have allergies have symptoms such as sneezing, sniffling, and nasal congestion, [Read More …] Source: Daily Dose of Eye Care