Dislocated Glued IOL Repair

Dr. Virendra Agrawal fixes a dislocated glued IOL, which occurred 7 days after original, uneventful cataract surgery.[Read More …] Source: Daily Dose of Eye Care


Not Your Mama’s Progressives

Progressive lenses are kind of like the Swiss Army knife of glasses. They have multiple uses, helping you see near, far, and in-between, all without you ever needing to put on another pair of glasses. While convenient for those who need them, they get a bad rap for being difficult to adjust to even causing Read More

“Smoking Causes Blindness” on Australian Cigarette Packets

Smoking damages the entire body, including the eyes. The Australian government has introduced harsh laws to discourage the addictive habit. Cigarette packaging is plain, featuring gruesome color photos and statements such as Smoking Causes Blindness. What are Australia s anti-smoking laws, and will they work? How does smoking cause blindness? Smokers have a significantly higher chance Continue reading ” Smoking Causes Blindness on Australian Cigarette Packets” [Read More …]

Lehigh Valley Center for Sight Announces Marissa Reppert as a Newly Certified Receptionist/Front Desk Staff

Lehigh Valley Center For Sight, an established leader in eye care, today announced Marissa Reppert, in the position of Receptionist/Front Desk Staff, became certified as CPSS, Certified Patient Service Specialist, on 2/20/17